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A survey – Lobster Bisque at Checkers Downtown in Los Angeles (Phototasting)

It's hard for me to believe, but I've managed to keep this blog up for over four months. I'm pleasantly surprised because my attention span usually maxes out at 20 minutes, so this blog should have died back in...October. What keeps me going is not so much the writing, but the pictures. Between the two activities, I'd rather spend my time developing my foodtography skills than my writing skills. Ironic, since I started this blog to improve my writing, but that's another post for another day.

Feb 6, 2010
Lobster Bisque

Anyhow, I'm curious to get your opinions on the following photos of the lobster bisque that I took during this past Saturday's Phototasting workshop at Checkers Downtown in Los Angeles.

Lobster Bisque @ Checkers Downtown LA
1. "The Pour"

Lobster Bisque @ Checkers Downtown LA
2. Lobster Bisque Closeup

Lobster Bisque @ Checkers Downtown LA
3. Lobster Bisque with Bowl

Lobster Bisque @ Checkers Downtown LA
4. Lobster Bisque (alternative plating)

In an effort to continue improving on my four months of foodtography skills, I ask my ten readers: which photos do you like, dislike and why? Your feedback in the comments is greatly appreciated!

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  1. I like the pour and shot #3 because food looks better (IMHO) when it’s photographed further away. Including the rim of the bowl is visually appealing because it gives me a sense of place.

    I love the photography aspect of blogging too ;-)

  2. I like the Pour and the Alternative Plating shots. I love when you bloggers do an up close shot – it gets me EXTRA HUNGRY!!!!!

    - TPops (reader #9)

  3. I like the collage!

    #1 is lovely. You did a nice job capturing action, which we don’t get much of when we’re eating. I would probably lighten and warm a tiny bit.

    #2 suffers from some shadow issues in the lower left. Cropping might solve that.

    #3 is very pretty. Good use of “the spiral.”

    #4 is quite enticing. It’s an excellent “crotch shot.” Bwahahaha.

  4. 1 is nice but pouring soup into bowl doesn’t do much for me. If it were an instructional type of action shot, then it’d be better. But that’s me coming at it from a cooking angle.

    2 I agree with WeezerMonkey about shadow issues. Cropping it wouldn’t leave a very enticing photo though.

    3 is enticing. I see lobster. It’s lobster bisque. I wanna eat.

    4 is too boring. No lobster pieces. Can be cream of carrot soup even. Since there are nicer shots, especially with lobster pieces, those are the photos I’d go with.

  5. #3 and #4 caught my eye.

    3- great contrast in colors, the food really stands out against the white bowl.

    4- just makes my mouth water. loves it.

  6. Thanks everyone! As a n00b in the food writing/photography world, constructive criticism/feedback is always appreciated! Thanks for stopping by and for taking the time to comment.

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