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Santa Monica Farmers’ Market

I don't cook. It's not that I can't or that I suck at it, I just don't. I can make a killer spam and eggs with rice, but then again, I'm sure everyone else can too. Cooking for one is especially challenging. Do you REALLY want to eat the same thing over and over again? As a result, I've had very little incentive to ever go to a farmer's market. Yeah, sure, there's lots of tasty things to enjoy at a farmers' market, but really, it's the produce that everyone goes for. Or is it?

BBQ Chicken at Santa Monica Farmers Market
BBQ Chicken


The LA Live JW Marriott and LA Market by Kerry Simon

I love big hotels. It's a place where people converge, convene, and interact. For an avid people watcher like me, it's perfect because it's a world full of strange and amusing characters.

The newest edition to the Downtown LA skyline


Battle of the Coqs: Eric Greenspan v. Ludo Lefebvre at The Foundry on Melrose

Anyone who wonders about the power of Twitter needs only to trace the roots of how this night came about.

- Ludo visits The Foundry last week, tweeting that Chef Eric Greenspan wasn't around and that "maybe" he should take over the kitchen.
- Eric responds by tweeting him to join him in the kitchen on Tuesday for Bluesy Tuesday at the Foundry for fried chicken night.
- Eric tweets out an APB for more deep fryers, with Akasha Richmond of Akasha Restaurant tweeting in for the rescue.

And as a result, diners had a chance to enjoy fried chicken prepared two ways a la Chef Ludo and Chef Eric.

Fried Chicken by Eric Greenspan at the Foundry on Melrose


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