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Lukshon, Culver City, CA

"2 pops"
"5 all day"
"1.5 minutes"
"2 desserts"

The Kitchen at Lukshon

This is the kitchen symphony at Lukshon.

"Chiang Mai no chicken."

Huh, Sang Yoon allows substitutions/modifications? No wait, he's not here.

"Make your plates beautiful."

Spanish Mackerel
spanish mackerel

With its minimalist design, Lukshon feels sterile, but its food is anything but.

Heirloom Black Rice
heirloom black rice

The heirloom black rice, simple, you complex, rich and full of flavor, it's a reminder of home.

Shanghai Matzo Ball Soup
shanghai matzo ball soup

The mashup. Was I at the Gorbals? No. The soup was very clean, the chicken, herbally.

Shrimp Toast
shrimp toast

Shrimp toast BALLS would be more accurate.

Duck Popiah
duck popiah

All it was missing was the texture of crispy duck skin with each bite.

Chicken Pops
spicy chicken pops

Who knew I'd get my chicken fix at Lukshon of all places. A hint of sweetness, salty and spicy with each bite (one bite to be exact). You won't feel your mouth by the end of the plate, but you'll have no regrets.


Complimentary dessert to cleanse and cool the palate. Who can complain?

Lukshon is beautiful, sterile and refined. The design is meticulous and no detail is missed. Lukshon refines Asian food and flavors and takes it to a different level.

We'll be back.

33239 helms ave.
culver city, california 90232

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  1. I love this place so much. Pretty post!

  2. how was the wine? need to hit this place up.

  3. I’ve been wanting to try Lukshon. Maybe it’s finally time to go. Awesome pics J.

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