Jewelz What are we doing today?


Lukshon, Culver City, CA

"2 pops"
"5 all day"
"1.5 minutes"
"2 desserts"

The Kitchen at Lukshon

This is the kitchen symphony at Lukshon.


Ludobites 3.0 – Remixed

I told you Chef Ludo would be mixing things up during this engagement. The second week of Ludobites took eaters from an a la carte to prix fixe menu, due mostly to extenuating circumstances, that being the case of the missing sous chef.


Ludobites 3.0

If Chef Ludo had a rap game, he'd have this track and it'd go "Allow me to reintroduce myself my name is L Oh, U to the D O."


Ludobites 3.0, in which the cock attacks.

Since there will be at least 30+ blogs about this place, what's one more to toss in the heap? When you think about it, isn't that really the marketing genius behind Ludobites?


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